Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work?

Typically, a deposit is required to start a project, which gets applied directly to your JellyFlea account. If your account has activity or an outstanding balance in a given month, you will receive a statement detailing the work done, charges, and payments made at the end of the month. The balance is due in full on the 15th.

Are there any ongoing charges?

At JellyFlea, there are no ongoing maintenance charges unless we are actually performing a service for you. Of course as with any website, hosting and domains typically have monthly or annual charges involved as those are required for a website to run.

What software do you use?

For graphic design, we use the full suite of Adobe tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. For web design and development, we use a combination of the Adobe suite for the graphics and a text editor to dive right into the code. We don’t use Dreamweaver or any other ‘point and click’ web design tools; since we are comfortable with the code, that’s the most efficient way to work and achieves the best results.

What content management system (CMS) do you use?

We use WordPress for your content management system. WordPress is by far one of the most popular platforms due to its combination of being easy to use for a lay-person to make simple changes to their website and the flexibility for a web developer to customize and extend the functionality of WordPress to meet almost any need. There are also thousands of themes (templates) and plugins available for little or no cost that change the look and add functionality to your website, and of course we can create a customized theme or plugin to meet your needs.

What programing languages do you use?

For website design and development we use a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MYSQL. These are the most modern and common open-source languages that web designers and developers use today.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about the web design process, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to help out!

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