How to Submit Content to Your Website Designer

How to Submit Content to Your Web Designer

Submitting your content in an organized fashion is one of the most essential tasks when working with a website designer. Since the content and menu items can greatly influence the design, we need at least rough draft content and images to get started on your website design.

Step 1: Download our Website Content Starter Kit

Our Website Content Starter Kit includes sample Word templates to use to help structure your menu and web pages as well as organize your images in preparation for submitting to us.

Step 2: Create Outline & Menu Structure

Submit a Word document with a general outline of the website using the list & indent features in Word to show page and subpage hierarchy. A typical example would look like the following:

  • Home
  • Our Team
  • Services
    • Web Design
    • Logo Design
    • Web Hosting
  • Portfolio
  • Contact Us

Step 3: Create Page Content

  • Use the templates in the “Page Templates” folder of our Starter Kit to create your content.
  • Create a separate document for each page of your website and title it accordingly, eg: Home Page.docx or Our Team.docx.
  • Don’t embed images in a Word document. Word can compress and lessen the quality of the image.
  • To reference a specific image or file, place the file name inside square brackets, eg: [image002.jpg].
  • To reference a stock photo you want for us to select from a stock photo website place the instruction in square brackets, eg: [stock photo of oil rig].

Page Content Elements

Use the following elements to structure the content:

  • Heading 1: for title of page
  • Heading 2: for subheadings
  • Paragraph text
  • Lists: unordered (bullet) and ordered (numbered)
  • Tables: only for table data, not for layout.
  • Avoid using colors, fancy fonts or otherwise “designing” in Word. That’s the web designer’s job!  🙂

Step 4: Organize Images & Other Files

  • Organize images into subfolders of the “Files & Images” folder of the Starter Kit, named by the corresponding page title.
  • Always send the highest resolution available for photographs.
  • Graphics such as logos should be submitted in vector format if available (EPS, AI, PDF).
  • Downloadable files such as text documents and brochures are typically best saved as a PDF.

Step 5: Submit Content

If you already have a JellyFlea customer account you can fill out the “Website Design Request Form” and submit your files in the last step. You can alternatively email the content or request a link to upload files directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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