JellyFlea Now Operating in France!

A Note from Kyle, owner of JellyFlea Creative

This past summer Christina and I moved our family to France! While this is a huge change for us personally, not much changes with the daily operations here at JellyFlea. Below are a few minor changes of note, along with answers to some common questions we’ve received over the past few months.


Our email and phone number will stay the same. Due to the time zone offset, we’ll be scheduling video meetings and calls between 8am and 3pm CST, but of course we’ll be available and flexible if there is an urgent request.

Invoices & Payments

Invoices and payments will largely remain the same. The main items of note are:

  • Customers in the United States will continue to be invoiced and make payments in USD.
  • Invoices will be issued from JellyFlea SARL instead of JellyFlea LLC. A SARL is France’s equivalent of an LLC.
  • Unfortunately we will no longer be able to process physical checks. We still accept payments via credit card, bank transfer (ACH), and PayPal.
  • Our clients will no longer be subject to Texas Sales Tax!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we’ve been planning this move for over a year and have been living and working in France for the past 6 months, many of our customers are already aware about the move. But if you want to get caught up on the personal side of things, below are some of the common questions we get asked.

Why did you move to France?

After 15 years living in the Houston area, we knew we wanted to explore, but struggled to find a place in the United States that fit our lifestyle, had weather we enjoyed, and was affordable. We vacationed in France a couple of times over the years, including a 2-month working vacation in 2022 to a small village in the South of France with a large expat community.

That summer we worked during the day (fiber internet here is awesome), and explored the area in the evenings and weekends. It really started to feel like home and we found ourselves asking, “why not here?”. After a ton of research, we came to the conclusion that, while there would certainly be challenges, there would also be quite a few benefits including affordable healthcare, lifestyle, quality food, exposing our children to other cultures, and many other intangibles. 

Where do you live in France?

While our business mailing address is in Paris, we actually live very far from Paris in a small village of around 350 people called Frayssinet-le-Gélat, in the Lot region which is in the south of France. 

Do you speak French?

Currently Christina and I speak nearly zero French, but our oldest daughter is learning quickly! We of course have plans to learn, but these first few months have been jam packed with finding a house and car, getting the girls registered for school, obtaining residency permits, catching up with friends we made last summer, and making new ones. We’ll get there, but we’ll serve as comedic relief for the locals in the meantime!

Any other questions?

Feel free to send an email or give us a call!

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