Logo Design Process

Learn about our approach and pricing.

Our Approach to Logo Design

An Objective Approach

We understand that tastes in design are subjective, so we start by taking you through a survey that helps define your preferences. This makes the process as objective as possible, helping you clearly communicate the style of logo you want. This approach ultimately saves time, costs less, and results in a better design.

Concept Based Pricing

We charge on a per-concept basis, typically $500 for the initial concept, $400 for additional concepts. Since we eliminate the wasteful exploratory stage, it allows us to create a professional design at an affordable price. Revisions are included within the scope of each concept.

Logo Design Process

Step 1: Online Form
Our online form helps determine the logo type, colors, font style, and your general preferences.

Step 2: Account Creation and Payment
If you aren’t already a JellyFlea customer, we’ll send a link to an online form to create your account. Once your account is created, we’ll send over the invoice for the first concept.

Step 3: Design
Our logo designers will design a logo based on your preferences and direction you submitted.

Step 4: Review
We’ll send the design to you for review. If revisions are needed just let us know and we’ll make the adjustments.

Step 5: Approval
Once approved, we send a set of files that include the original art file as well as various formats suitable for print and web.

What if I don’t like the design?

Since we start by collecting your preferences, it’s rare that the design isn’t approved. However, if you decide you want to explore additional concepts they typically start at $400.

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