Rules for Great Website Design

Rules for Great Website Design

Earn your degree in PhilosoFlea! JellyFlea Creative follows these web design principles for every website design we create!

Get a Website

Whether or not you have a website says alot about your business. Having a website to tell your customers to go to immediatly tells things like, “My business is established”, “We plan on being around for a long time”, “We have our act together!”.

Establish Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key. If you give your potential customer your business card, a brochure, and tell them to visit your website, all 3 items should have a very similar look and feel.

Functionality is Paramount

Websites should be functional. Obviously this means that all links should work, but it can go far beyond that! Jellyflea can build online tools and databases for you and your customers to interact with. Some of our clients run their entire business from their website!

Keep it Fresh!

If you neglect your website, your customers assume that you are neglecting the rest of your business too! Keeping your website fresh also helps search engines like Google and Yahoo! see that your website is changing often it can boost your rankings!

Search Engine Optimization

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars hiring a Search Engine Optimization expert – but do you need to? Jellyflea incorporates the most effective SEO techniques automatically, so you don’t have to hire someone to “tweak” your website after it’s launched.

Websites Should be Intuitive

Websites should have intuitive navigation, a clean look, concise text, and useful tools for your customers. If it’s distracting, confusing, or overwhelming, they’ll leave!

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