Kyle Henderson Skydiving

What the Heck is a JellyFlea?

For most of my adult life, my income has come from self-employment in one way or another. In 2005 I started a corporation but struggled to name it. Every name I could think of was either already registered as a corporation, or the domain name was taken. So I made up a word, ‘JellyFlea’.

When I first started designing websites, I was a professional skydiving instructor and videographer, so you could say I was flying quite a bit. I was thinking of various things that flew. A bird, a fly, umm… a butterfly? I don’t like butter on my toast, but I do like jelly…

So … JellyFly. No, not quite. Well, you can figure the rest out.

‘Margarine-Pterodactyl’ came in a close second, but just didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

– Kyle W. Henderson, Owner & Lead Designer

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